About Harris Makers

Our company

We offer a full range of production services to established brands and start-to-finish services for those clients who are looking for whole projects. Services include:

  • Social
  • Live-streaming
  • Scripted
  • Commercials
  • Events
  • Education

Our team

Headshot of Cameron Harris smiling warmly

Cameron Harris


Cameron turned a childhood fascination with video production into a decades-long career working with top brands, telling inspiring stories, and honing his craft with industry titans.

He first fell in love with video production at age 11, back when video tapes were still cutting edge. His first project was becoming a documentarian for his grandparents' vacations. Fast forward to 2022 when he decided to pursue his nearly lifelong dream of starting his own production company —  Harris Makers.

Cameron is inspired by evolving technologies and how they can change the way stories are told, so you'll often hear him excited about the newest tech — and how he's using that new knowledge to improve and expand our offerings.

Headshot of Kate Harris smiling joyfully

Kate Harris


Kate found design as a fluke — and it became the foundation of a career she's been building for more than 15 years. She has learned most of what she knows from incredible mentors, the all-knowing Google, or point-and-click-and-see-what-happens.

Kate fell in love with the creative fields through movie title animations by Saul Bass. Her creative direction expertise and keen visual eye are sure to give your project the special polish it deserves.